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The results counts rebranding

MatchLab applies the principle "Dedication is a choice". If we do it, we'll do well.

Whether it is artificial intelligence applications or adding features to existing or new innovative products, or developing a product together with the customer, the result counts.

The redesign concerned an extension to the existing brand. 

  • The color palette is adjusted (stronger contrast, urban gray tones with a bold yellow).
  • A new tagline “dedication is a choice”. Paying attention to their customers, taking on the challenge of developing new products together with customers, thinking along with them and making complex technology accessible.
  • The tone of voice in all forms of communication (more robust typography and raw photography).

Type & colours





Product logo

The MatchLab Publisher is an intuitive system and user-friendly system. A modular platform with, among other things, a CMS for websites and web shops, customer relation management, order management and inventory management. Interaction with existing IT systems naturally belongs to the possibilities.

The MatchLab Publisher has been developed from the ground up in cooperation with retailers and suppliers.

The design brief was very simple. Create a combination of the new MatchLab logo wirh the typefont Kelson Sans. Contrast in type and colour is important because all the new products will have the same no nonsens approach.

System colours

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Brenda Verhoeven
The Netherlands

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