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Back to the old
into the new concept

Tapemaster wants to bring back the vintage analog product reel to reel “Tapedeck” back on track. An experience that will stimulate all your senses.

How? Connect and grow with its clients, learn from them and listen to their needs. By being an international platform to share information, stories and experiences. A modern approach. New design features that fit your lifestyle, with innovation and smart technology. 

Why? Tapemaster believes not only in the quality of the sound of these Incredible Tapedecks or their industrial appearance, they want to preserve it for a new generation.

I’m in! It became a part of my life. Follow my personal story TapeDeckrookie and have a look at my reel designs.



Consumer existing market

  • Listens to analog and digital music
  • Doesn’t do trends
  • Quality is key
  • Loves vintage audio design
  • Has one or more tapedecks
  • Has budget to invest in vintage audio
  • Takes time to enjoy music
  • Especially men 45+

Consumer new generation

  • Listens to digital and analog music
  • Is always looking for something new, more sensitive to trends
  • Experiencing music is a way of life (festivals, concerts, listening and sharing music with friends)
  • Is inspired by series and films
  • Plays an instrument more often
  • Has more limited budget for buying audio and accessories
  • Men and women 18+

Professional market

  • Analog studios
  • Producers
  • Artists
  • DJs

Logo research


Type & colours



Timeline showcase


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Brenda Verhoeven
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 6 187 23 786